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Elevate Your Food.
Elevate Your Health.

Meadow Mountain Microgreens & Edible Flowers is dedicated to changing the way we eat our vegetables. Our Mission is to provide Deep Creek Lake and the surrounding area with the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious microgreens around.

Inspire your palate. Nourish your body. Eat microgreens.


Microgreens are edible plants that grow indoors in small spaces. Commonly referred to as "veggie confetti", microgreens come in different colors, flavors, and textures, depending on the variety. These tiny greens add an intense visual interest and powerful flavors to meat and vegetable dishes, and can be served one their own or added as an ingredient.

Rock Lodge Road, Accident, Maryland 21520 | @meadowmountainmicrogreens |


Grown to Order with tender love and care. We use a lot less water than traditional farming and use sustainable plant based biodegradable plastic for our packaging.


We grow 100% clean meaning free of all pollution, pesticides, and herbicides. We take a holistic approach to agriculture by utilizing biologically intensive principles to maximize yield in our petite growing area. Not only does this result in a bountiful harvest, but it also promotes long-term sustainability and eco-friendliness. 


Vertical and sustainable farming in the heart of Accident, Maryland. 100% of our cut greens are harvested and delivered same day.

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